Tickets Booked!

Oh man — I struggle to find the right words to express the excitement I feel when international flights are booked. Do you get that same ball of excitement and joy in your tummy, too??

hike, PNW, trails
Getting air in the forest near the coast in Canon Beach, OR

We’re now confirmed for an adventure in the south of France, coastal Spain, Barcelona, and Madrid late this fall. A San Diego friend is joining us for 2/3 of the trip, and amazingly we coordinated same flights out. SO STOKED!!!!

Here’s our tentative itinerary:

  • Fly into Nice, head to Antibes for a night
  • Off to Mantigues, explore this area (Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, etc.) for a few days
  • Head towards Barcelona….not sure of anything yet along this route, which route to take or even what area of Barcelona we should stay in??
  • Meet up with S. Rad’s USMC buddy in Barcelona, travel to Madrid for family meetings and exploration

Any and all recommendations are welcomes. Do you have any must sees or dos to share??


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  1. Nothing better than freshly booked tickets 😀

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