RadRanch: Deer Proofing?

As we’re taking this dip into backyard farming, there are MANY questions that come up. Yes, the interwebs offer a ton of guidance, some good and some terrible. Ultimately though we’re living by the seat of our pants in this adventure. So, I figured why not start sharing the plethora of ideas, issues, inquiries, thoughts, challenges, considerations, problems, etc. that arise?!

Today’s challenge – how to deer proof recently planted (and flowering) fruit trees. It’s only two trees – a cherry and a peach tree, but somehow, within the first 24 hours being in the ground in the “orchard”, the deer managed to nibble off about 1/3 of the peach blossoms. Ugh! Fortunately the peach tree is short, so we improvised for the time being with the temporary henhouse run we have – it fits perfectly over the little peach tree. Here’s to the deer staying out until we can provide a more permanent solution!

If you’ve had to come up with solutions to protect your fruit trees from natural grazers, please drop us a line and share your advice/experiences! Thanks, and happy backyard farming to you all!

Young deer eating red apple in woods
Image by Doug McLean on Shutterstock

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