New beginnings in a crazy year

Man 2020 was a fucking shit show most of the time. I don’t even know where to start. I can’t even remember the last time I wrote anything here. I guess I could start by saying I stopped travel nursing, for the time being, I took a full time staff job in the ER at Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center. Yes, I left the OR. Never in a million years did I think I would do that. It was a cushy, mellow environment to work in. At the last contract in Edmonds, WA, I got floated from the OR to the ER for 7 weeks and in the first week decided it was time for a change. Much to my surprise, I got offered 4 of the 5 jobs I applied for. What a self confidence booster that was! It’s been a steep learning curve being in the ER, it’s a completely different job than I had before, but I think my time as a paramedic and ER tech has definitely helped the transition be a little smoother. As smooth as working in the ER can be, which is about like coarse grain sandpaper. Bend over and smile! Hahaha. Ouch.

But for real, I am feeling much more fulfilled with my job, even though there are plenty of those patients that make you want to bang your head against the wall repeatedly until you either put a hole in it or in your head. Either would be a welcome reprieve from some of the days in the ER, especially in the age of Covid. What a continuing fucking fiasco.

Additionally, we found and bought a house within 2 months of being here in Carson City, and it couldn’t be more perfect. It’s a big bigger than any house I have ever even dreamed about having and to be totally honest, I’ve never dreamt about owning a house at all, but this thing is sweet! Kelli has her own office and yoga room, and I have a music room. The house sits on 1.32 acres of horse property, and Kelli asked for a horse every Christmas for as long as she can remember and never got one, so you know horses are coming. We got the chicken coop and run all set up and in full operation mode. Now we wait for the eggs.


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  1. Amy Jo Reed Friedman says:

    So awesome! And happy for you guys!

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