Banff bound

Where and what should we see in Banff?

Do you even Earth…bloopers

If you’ve been following my earthing series the past couple of weeks you will have likely learned a few things. As have I. On my last post I talked about how I grounded my bed based off of some research I had come across, and as you may know by now I grounded my bed…

Do you even Earth? Part 2 of 2

In my last post about earthing/grounding I talked briefly about what it is and some of the benefits it offers. In this post I’d like to talk a little more about how I personally do it. I have a few different ways that I get as much grounding as I can on a daily basis,…

Do you even Earth? Part 1 of 2

So, I’m about to dive into some hippie shit that some of you may be into, some of you may be curious about, and some of you may think is plain old BS. So let’s go……Bonsai. Earthing/grounding has no doubt been around for a very long time, and is currently becoming more popular. I consider…

Paralegal Regulation by State

National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc. chart providing information by state on paralegal regulation.