Do you even Earth…bloopers

If you’ve been following my earthing series the past couple of weeks you will have likely learned a few things. As have I. On my last post I talked about how I grounded my bed based off of some research I had come across, and as you may know by now I grounded my bed with copper foil tape.

So yeah…the other night I looked under the fitted sheet to see the state of the copper tape because over the past week or so it has gotten a soft and “broken in” feel to it. I pulled the corner of the sheet back to see the copper tape has not only cracked to the point of the entire strip not being one continuous piece anymore and therefore conduction being more than likely non-existent, but the copper has imparted a green tint, and not a small one, to the sheet and to the mattress cover.

Needless to say I was not thrilled to find this. Nobody warned me that this would happen when I read about using the copper tape. WHY NOT!!!! Maybe I should’ve figured it would, but I’d never used copper foil tape before. Now I will be individually peeling off all of the pieces of copper tape from the mattress cover, and diligently attempting to remove the new green hue from the cover.

This was in the middle of removing the tape piece by piece. Fortunately disaster was averted because with the help of some spray and wash, all the green came out of the mattress cover and all but a small green spot came out of the fitted sheet. I can only assume that because I am a dirty man and sometimes sweat when I sleep, the heat and moisture caused the bleeding of the green color from the tape. It was only where my torso lays. There was no green where my legs or head, because of my pillow, lay.

So back to square one with the bed grounding. I have been doing some digging around and am trying to decide which, if any, grounding sheets, mats, or pillowcase covers to use. How they work is by plugging a cord that comes with the particular item into the grounding hole of the closest outlet. You can buy an outlet tester for around 10$ to make sure the grounding portion is actually working properly. The problem is the outlets in our bedroom are not three prong outlets. I’m thinking that wrapping the copper wire around the plug that should go in the outlet could work……but I’m certainly no electrician or lineman. Another option is to sleep with a loop of the copper wire around my wrist or ankle, but that seems like it might be a little bit annoying.

Anybody out there have experience with grounding sheets, mats, or pillow cases?


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