5 Tips for Bringing Fido Along

PCT, WA, hiking, dogs
C. Rad taking in the sights and sounds on the PCT

C. Rad certainly loves adventure. At the sound of the word “Go!” he is ready!

Here’s 5 tips we’ve come up to ensure C. Rad’s safety and enjoyment while Radventuring with us.

  1. Seatbelt system to help keep him alive should an accident happen. Read about some statistics here. We use the Kurgo harness system and it seems to be the most comfy option for C. Rad we’ve found yet.
  2. Proper seating arrangements. In the Subaru he usually has the entire backseat to himself and can be belted in the middle. In the GMC, S. Rad built a hammock system similar to this, so C. Rad has the backseat space to himself and can be belted in, too.
  3. Durable, easy to employ and functional leash. I’ve had this one for 8-10 years, and it’s still the bomb!
  4. Portable water bowl. Although C. Rad is a bit of a camel (thanks raw food diet 🙂 we still bring along a dish for him to drink from.
  5. Sport coat like the one C. Rad is wearing in this post picture. It helps to insulate him, is waterproof on the top and fits him perfectly. The material on the underbelly dries quickly, too, so no worries about it getting wet.

As the seasons change here in the PNW, I’m sure our gear needs will change, too. We’ll be sure to update once we’re deeper into Fall and Winter Radventures.

Do you have any tips you live by for adventuring with your pet?


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