Ramblings of a F@#*ing social distancer

As you are well aware, things are getting weird. We aren’t supposed to be leaving our houses for anything except essentials. Things are probably going to get even weirder in the weeks to come. God, if there even is one, help us all.

Last night I was standing in the kitchen with the wifey and my female parental figure and we were talking about cussing. Our 6 year old nephew came up to visit us last week on his last week of spring break and I was talking about how difficult it was to not cuss on a regular basis while he was here.

It’s not that I cuss all of the time, it’s just that I cuss a lot. I love cussing. I don’t do it out of anger……wait…that’s a total lie. I guess what I meant to say is, I don’t cuss at people with the intention of hurting them, unless I’m in my car and they’re in theirs. HAHA. Cussing when I’m angry is like washing my hands after I use the restroom. It’s just normal, and I hope it’s normal for you (the washing your hands part, but if cussing is normal for you then more power to you), not only now with the #Rona, but even before we were graced with the Earth putting us all in time-out I hope you washed your hands on a regular basis and tried not to be a disgusting human being.

Kelli and Pam (my mom) were agreeing that it’s simply part of our regular everyday speech. I mean, FUCK, it’s a fucking fantastic word. It’s like one of my favorite words. Fuck this and fuck that and mother fucking this and mother fucking that. There are so many applications of the word FUCK that it’s almost fucking mind blowing. It doesn’t even have to be an anger thing, it can just be a word you use to accurately describe…..well anything. If you head over to PaleOMG you can get all the auditory stimulation you could ever want with #cusswords in Juli Bauer’s podcast. I haven’t listened to any of them personally, but Kelli loves them and says Juli is hilarious….and she apparently cusses all of the time.

I mean, just sit there and say it out loud right now. FUCK! FUCK. fuck! fuck. Yelling, screaming, normal volume, whispering, it sounds so good and I’m not even a sailor. I was in the Marine Corps though and I can’t even count how many times I would hear fuck, shit, fucker, asshole, dick, dickhead, bitch, or any other combination of “cusswords” in a single hour.

Really though, they’re all just made up words. Isn’t every word we use to describe something or name something originally made up? I mean, who came up with the word fork, or spoon, or shovel? All words were originally just made up, I think. I have no proof for that, but it sounds good.

My point is, the next time you feel the need to say something that feels really good, don’t be scared or ashamed to say it. FUCK. If you can’t say it you can’t do it. Who gives a fuck.

Fuck it man, let’s go bowling.


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  1. Sean Moro says:

    Simon said said when he was about 3 so it is not something new to him. My rule with cuss words and the kids is that it is fine if used in the correct context and at the appropriate time and place. Making words “bad” words just gives them for power and kids have a desire to use “taboo” things. One of the few words we do not allow is hate. If they fucking hate broccoli, I don’t blame them but I will tell them that they may fucking dislike broccoli, but we don’t hate in this house.

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    1. Seth Radnothy says:

      Hahaha. That’s good and I totally agree. And actually, my mom was saying the same thing. I don’t remember her telling me those things when I was a kid, but she did to my little brother and sister.

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  2. Amy Friedman says:

    Lol! I always thought I got it from the Reed side of my family when in reality I can thank the Crazy Polacks

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    1. Seth Radnothy says:

      Could be, but my mom isn’t a Pollock. 🤷🏼‍♂️. Embrace it either way!

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