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Abundance for 2020

Paralegal Regulation by State

National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc. chart providing information by state on paralegal regulation.

Labor Day Reflections

August was a month of family time and jaunts with friends. I was lucky enough to visit the cutest little town of Kingston TWICE in one month. Which also means I had two experiences at the Mossback Cafe. That’s a whole nother post though, so I’ll get back to that later. I don’t know if…

The Stones!

We’re in AZ for the rescheduled Rolling Stones concert. Whew, it’s HOT here!! Fortunately we’ve had ample time in the pool and a/c, so we could fully enjoy some quality time with family here in the desert. We’re excited for music with friends tonight and S. Rad is super stoked on seeing the Stones live…