8 Spots to Discover in the PNW

Fremont brewing company, boston terrier, adorable dogs

Isn’t this guy so cute?! All wrapped up because of the fall chill in the air. This is my first autumn season in the PNW and it has started off quite brisk! I’m quickly learning that with the proper gear, weather is no obstacle.

I’ve been blessed with living in areas with an abundance of sunshine throughout the year. However, in these same areas rain is mostly a novelty, and more often than not an opportunity to snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie. Certainly can’t be doing that on the regular!

This temporary move to an area without abundant sunshine has been a transition to say the least. Our trip to the south of France and Spain could not come at a better time for me!

Honestly though, in reflection on our summer, there was rarely a moment to snuggle up on the couch for that movie. This summer was one for the books! I am stoked to see where this fall will take us and where we’ll land come December.

Here’s a partial list of what kept us busy this summer. Hope there’s some items of interest or things that spark something for you within. Happy Fall y’all!!

  • Hiked amongst beautiful greenery, next to and through free flowing water, rewarded with stunning alpine lake, peak, and summit views
  • Camped and climbed in Olympic National Park, along the Lyre River, and on Vancouver Island next to Sooke Potholes
  • Ferried to British Columbia and through the San Juan Islands (sadly no Orca sightings!)
  • Visited with family from Texas, Bellingham and Lacey
  • Enjoyed last months of time with an elder family member
  • Became members at Vertical World North
  • Entertained and played with visiting friends from PA, NV, AZ and CA
  • Experienced Teatro ZinZanni for our first time
  • Witnessed the Rolling Stones live, in concert
  • Eaten scrumptious meals, imbibed with delightful drinks and/or fallen in love with atmosphere

Here’s a few food & bev suggestions we’ve enjoyed in the greater Seattle area so far:


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