Have you watched any of the Unbelievable series on Netflix? If not, please do check it out. But be ware, you will be appalled at what you learn! And, like us, you may be stuck binge watching the entire series in one sitting. It’s well written and based on real life experiences .

Lake, clouds, reflect
S. Rad reflecting after a long hike to Lake Serene

The state of our criminal justice system is UNBELIEVABLE.

The lack of victim advocacy and empowerment is UNBELIEVABLE.

Failure to provide access to proper resources is UNBELIEVABLE.

That chauvinism/sexism/misogyny still exists within the modern workplace is UNBELIEVABLE.

Gender inequality still so deeply woven within law enforcement agencies is UNBELIEVABLE.

That there is no consequence to this behavior is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE.

I’ve always been enthralled by the criminal mind along and had a deep passion for investigation. Unfortunately I’ve never mustered up the courage to embark on a career in the law enforcement arena. This is mainly due to an aversion to subjecting myself regularly to a negative, nearly hostile work environment. I don’t feel I have the personal strengths to endure that route without room to veer harshly from ethical standards.

So how do we make change? If we can’t convince change-makers to endure a daily battle of personal, ethical, psychological, mental line crossings, then how do we impact a rapidly failing system? One way I can think of is to produce transparent media which represents the full picture of our outdated and unjust way of handling victim advocacy. See the original piece that sparked the UNBELIEVABLE series:



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