What’s worse – Packing or Unpacking?

We leave for a 3-week trip next week and plan to each take our travel backpacks. Here’s the two we’ll be using for this trip:

I used my Osprey pack when we went to El Salvador earlier this year, and it was the perfect travel bag. However that was for a 10-day trip. I need to pack into this gal for 21 days!! Ay yi yi! S. Rad has yet to use his Deuter bag, so we’ll have to follow-up on his thoughts after this trip.

I’ve put off packing until this weekend, AHHHHH! Although I have prepared in advance by getting all our proper toiletries and accessories stocked, locked and ready to roll. I still have to laugh at myself when dreading packing because I truly DREAD unpacking!

Do you love or loathe packing/unpacking?? Do you procrastinate on one or both?


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