Juan les Pins

La plage de Ondes, Antibes, France

We’ve arrived in France and successfully kept ourselves awake until about 10pm on our first day. Thank goodness, jet lag can be such a drag!

Our first two nights were spent in an adorable airbnb in the Juan les Pins area of Antibes. There was an excellent market directly across the street and we were only blocks away from the Mediterranean Sea. With a good nights sleep behind us, we went out for an adventure with a goal of renting bikes to tour the general area. We arrived at the bike shop to find out they’d recently closed for the season. So, heel-toe express was our mode of transport on this beautiful Friday.

We walked around the bay to the cape and then back to town. The properties lining the streets and hills were incredible, and the views were more than breathtaking. The history apparent in the building materials transports you back in time. We found a little cafe along the water and enjoyed a late lunch.

Once back to our abode for the evening, we were discussing the area and how to properly say the words in French. S. Rad has a love for the French language and has a rather amazing ability to communicate in French without sounding like a rude American. On the other hand, my French is non-existent, which leads me to this post….Juan les Pins. I mentioned it as “Juan le Pine” which turned into a giggle fest and roasting session on my part. This grew into “let’s get a tattoo of Juan le Pine”. Oh boy, what have we gotten ourselves into now…

Here’s the doodles S. Rad and Katie came up with for Juan le Pine. Now to find a tattoo artist in Barcelona who can make some magic with this for us three! What do you think of our mock-ups?


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