The big 4-0!!

woman, strong, pull up, muscles
K. Rad pullup strong

I’ve officially made it around the sun 14,600 (or is it actually 13,884 times (365 x 39 or 40??)) times now.  WHOA…either way, that makes me sound OLD!

While looking back at the number of years passed definitely makes me sound old, I definitely do not feel old.  In the spirit of youth and longevity, I’m kicking off my 40th year around the sun with the launch of my consulting business, K-Rad Consulting.

**edit as of 2018: K-Rad Consulting is now Summa Consulting group. Yay!!!!!

This endeavor combines, and will exhibit, many of my personal passions along with my professional journey as an independent contractor. Over my 14-year career as a litigation paralegal working predominately for two large, general civil defense firms, I’ve had a continuous dream of starting my own consulting business.  However, while working for a law firm, independent contracting is not really a feasible feat as a paralegal.  I fully enjoyed where I was and didn’t want to walk away from the security of my job, however I felt drawn to explore my dreams and make an opportunity for my own business to thrive.  

When S. Rad and I decided to ride the travel nursing train and venture out of San Diego, my consulting dreams became real life visions.  I successfully negotiated an independent contracting agreement when leaving the firm I was with in San Diego. This was the first step in providing me the confidence to build this opportunity.  The journey thus far has been quite challenging, yet rewarding at the same time.  I plan to openly share this journey with transparency and honesty in the hopes that others may also feel the burn to pursue their dreams and find inspiration in my process.  


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