Inaugural Friday Favorites

While climbing may not be my favorite activity, it is one of S. Rad’s favorite activities obsessions, so I’ve learned to embrace it.  This picture is from one of my first climbing trips with him to Joshua Tree.  To say I was terrified is an understatement!   And please don’t be fooled by this picture, I am only about 20 feet off the ground here.  Though I am proud to say, ever since this inaugural trip I’ve been slowly conquering my fears so that I may someday fully enjoy this activity.

So, in the energy of sharing, I thought I’d also stretch you all with a few of my favorites, and hopefully you’ll embrace as well.  This will be a Friday thing, not every Friday, but most.  Please let me know if there’s any particular favorites you have in mind or are wondering about.

Start each day with a room temp glass of water w lemon and a touch of sea salt; thank you for this addition to my daily routine, Jenn.

Daily stretching each morning while coffee is brewing; we have been using romwod for awhile now:
Inexpensive, daily programmed yoga stretching streamed to device of choice.  Breath work and positional holds, too.

Collagen peptides in my morning coffee. Picture below is our brand of choice. There are are other good brands of these peptides, but be sure to research their integrity and sourcing practices.


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