The Rad Hoc Kitchen

~ Sunday Suppers ~

What’s on your menu tonight?

Do you meal prep on Sundays for your whole week?

When I worked in an office outside our home M-F we did our farmers market/grocery shopping and meal prep predominately on Sundays.  Hubby felt this was such a chore, and honestly, I did too.  I also began to realize it was sucking enjoyment out of cooking for me, something which typically provided me great joy.  The dread of Sundays became real, which really negated the therapeutic effect cooking had in my life.  Fast forward to Reno life with our Fri-Sun work schedules, and now Sunday has come back to life for me in the kitchen.  Yahoo!!!!

With my renewed passion for the kitchen on Sunday, I’ve coined this Sunday Suppers theme.  I hope you enjoy!

~ Today I’ve thrown some beef short ribs (bone-in) into the crockpot. Here’s what I did ~

– Sprinkled both sides of each rib with S&P

– Heat cast iron skillet over medium-hi heat with a bit of fat in the pan’

– Seared both sides of each rib for 2-3 minutes

– While ribs cooked, chopped red & orange carrots, garlic and onions and put into crockpot

– Added to crockpot: bone broth, peach bbq, chipotle garlic, S&P, roasted green chiles, cumin, garlic powder

– Mixed all in crockpot well

– Put seared ribs into crockpot on top of veggies

– Turn crockpot to high and cross fingers it turns out yummy in about 4 hours!!

Tidbit of history about this crockpot…when we were living in Salt Lake City, my friend Julia provided me with an “heirloom” crock she’d been storing in her garage.  Mind you, the majority of our kitchen/household items are in storage in San Diego, this generous gift from Julia was warmly welcomed and put to use right away.  This heirloom proved once again that the older generation kitchen gadgets that are basic and simple work very well!  No need for fancy stuff here!

{Also, S. Rad would not be happy w me if I were to acquire any more kitchen gadgets belongings while traveling}

Making the most out of what we got, and loving it! Thank you, Julia!  Despite the obvious years of good use, the ceramic inside is in excellent condition and the unit works brilliantly.

So glad to add this heirloom to #theradventures

When I have ingredients and a basic plan of attack in mind (in this case, knowing I wanted to cook the short ribs in the crock), I look to pinterest for inspiration and ideas. Today’s search terms were: paleo short ribs crockpot.

I browsed the results and then looked at a few of the blogs/recipes that looked interesting.  I am not a recipe follower, which means I can’t really bake either.  Whoops!  Oh well, maybe someday I’ll like using exact measurements and following all the rules, but not today!  So, as you’ll notice, any “recipe” I may post will not often list any particular measurements.

If you have any questions about specific quantities or measurements, please feel free to ask!  Here’s to a delicious Sunday Supper ~ Cheers!!


Epic Bone Broth

Paleo BBQ sauce


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