Friday Favorites, 2.0

In continuation of my Friday favorites, I’ve found inspiration in my mimosa(s) while sitting at the Joshua Tree Saloon this fine Friday.

S. Rad is actively pursuing one of his obsessions with one of his besties out in many piles of rocks, so I decided to take time to myself for a rejuvenating shower and meal in town.

Joshua Tree Saloon offers free wifi, dog friendly outdoor seating and great food.  So, here I am!  And here’s some of our recent favorites:


As many of you may know, there is much controversy regarding the dairy industry, and in our household we’ve successfully lead ourselves completely away from the general dairy consuming population.  That said, we still do enjoy creamy, milky beverages — not only for lightening our morning coffee, but also for smoothies, teas and general “milk” necessities.  Enter MALK!  I’ve always been weirded out by additives and ingredients I can’t even pronounce that are contained within most available nut milks.  So when I stumbled across MALK I was ecstatic!! Hopefully you can find this stuff in a local market near you!

Nubian Heritage Body care

We both love how this stuff nourishes our skin.  You should check them out!  I find these products locally at Whole Foods, Target and Sprouts.


Another company with a mission statement I both believe in and fully support.  Have you tried any of their products?  What do you think?

Thanks for reading!

Happy Friday, friends!!


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