Wordy Wednesday (Round 2)

Words! So. Many. Words.

Well that’s what my brain is telling me at my 11th hour into a document review/coding project.

And I know I have at least 30 more hours to go with this project.

Ay yi yi!! What did I get myself into?!?

While mindless document coding may not be my favorite part of this work, it is a necessary evil during the litigation process.

When the case, players and materials are not voluminous, review and identification of documents is a fairly painless task.  However, most cases I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing and coding materials for have been quite voluminous (> 50,000 docs to review)!  The investigator in me LOVES searching for and detecting needles in haystacks, but there is a very fine line when it comes to efficiency and focus for document reviews.  Taking too much time on any one item or issue lends to delays in the following steps of the review process.  This will not be taken kindly by the billing partner nor the client.

With that said, the review platform utilized makes a huuuge difference in efficiency.  Budget of the firm, client and case components are the main driver in the availability of a review platform.  I’ve had the fortunate experience to work with firms that provide these resources to both clients and staff, and have also conducted research on platform options for solo practitioners/small firms.

The majority of my experience is with Relativity and Concordance, with some general knowledge and skills in iConnect, Summation, iPro Eclipse,  EnCase and Lexbe.  My favorite by far is Relativity! While I may be biased because of my knowledge base and years of experiences with this particular platform, it is very user-friendly, web-based and manages large volumes of data effortlessly.

What review platforms do you or your firm use?

What size is your firm or the firm you work for?

Have you tried many? What is your favorite?

Here’s a weblink listing the majority of available review platforms out there:


Do you need help with document review or narrowing options for a review platform?  Please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask, we’re happy to help.



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