Feed Me, Seymour

One of S-Rad’s nicknames for me is mouse –> I’m a small, food-driven mammal who in some way or another is thinking of food at any and every given moment. Planning dinner while eating breakfast, thinking of what the lunch menu may include too…

We’re new to the central valley area, so I did some online research for CSA/local produce delivery services. I decided to try Ooooby (stands for out of our own back yards) as the prices seem right, they offer numerous add-on options and there’s no long-term commitment required. https://www.ooooby.org/fresno

Among the items of our first delivery…oh I must mention -> The delivery man knocked on our door and caringly handed me our box of produce, which contained the goods wrapped in a large set of recyclable papers. He then proceeded to tell me that if I wasn’t home for the next delivery, then I could leave the reusable box outside on the door step and he’d replace it with our fresh delivery, of course being left in the shade. I proceeded to remove the wrapped bounty so that he could then take the box with him that day. <- … was some gorgeous Japanese eggplant.

Truth be told, I am not the biggest eggplant fan, although I’m not sure I’ve ever tried the Japanese variety. What is your favorite eggplant variation? Have you tried the Japanese eggplant? This is exactly one of the many reasons I love local, seasonal produce delivery. You may receive items you’ve never cooked with or eaten before. I’ve become fond of many items in the past that if not for arriving in the produce box I’d have never tried it! So, with my lack of knowledge in regards to this eggplant, I looked to the internet for recipe inspiration. Here’s the one I decided on:


sauce: https://perchancetocook.com/2014/02/20/paleo-sweet-and-spicy-dipping-sauce/


The eggplant was soft, not mushy on the inside and the outside got nice and crunchy (despite me slightly overcooking them – no thanks to the 1980s oven in our rental). And that sauce, OH YUM! It could be served along with a variety of dishes and as compliment to many dip-able items. Because of these delightful inspirations, I’ve bookmarked perchancetocook.com, you should too!! I mean come on, the most current post on their feed is a Pear and Blueberry Pumpkin Cookie Cobbler – look at that deliciousness!!!


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