Not sure why?!

Over two years ago I reserved the domain…

Fast forward to September 2017 as I contemplated building a website for my paralegal consulting business, the domain reservation was a memory lost deep in my filing cabinet (Super Brain anyone?).

As AA and I developed our branding and (re)naming campaign, I had an epiphany …THERADVENTURES … duh Kelli!?! How had I not ever thought of this before? This IS the ideal spot to chronicle our adventures, and clearly I’d thought of this idea before in some capacity. We’d even developed a hashtag that we apply to the majority of our social media posts, so I’m not sure why it hadn’t connected for me yet, but I’m banking on it now! And my creative juices are really feeling the flow. Now I don’t feel the conflict of creating content that may be more appropriately shared with my personal network instead of my business network. And with the integration of social media bleeding the lines between personal and business, this is my chosen path on merging my personal creativity and inquisitions. WIN! WIN!

So, as Summa Consulting Group is unveiled, we warmly bring TheRadventures to life, too!


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