Giving Thanks

Full week ahead of work for both S Rad and I, so I’ve been thinking of how on Thursday I will transition the continued mode of giving we are in (i.e. work, serving others 🙂 to a mode of giving thanks to ourselves in the form of peaceful, downtime together as a family, even if the holiday is not spent with any additional family members. How do you transition into this mode of giving when it may feel like we’ve already given a good portion of ourselves in a professional energy? I’d love to hear your ideas for gratitude practice on this level, so please do share!

Love in NYC

I was looking at pictures to upload, and this one caught my eye. This was taken over 4 years ago while we were in NY for a friends wedding. We had a spectacular time exploring this city together, and was one of the trips that inspired our desires to travel as a couple as much as we could. You know, if you want to travel with someone, you may want to marry them too?! Well, that’s not exactly what I mean, but if you’ve ever traveled with someone and NOT meshed well, you would definitely not consider marriage…so is the opposite true?!?

Happy Thanksgiving week to all of our loved ones and we wish health for everyone during this time of gratitude and warmth. XOXOXO


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