And that’s a wrap!

Sponsor of the year award, 2018
A. Aquino and J. Maniwan with SDPA Sponsor of the Year Award

I’ve been working in the Oakland Federal Courthouse for the past 4+ weeks on a trial that is now at the mercy of the jury. Fingers crossed it goes our way!!

I write this as I sit in a cafe near the train station awaiting my train ride home. And I’ll tell ya, this feeling of going home cannot be replaced by any other. Something about the comforts of home, and for those of you that know The Radventures, our home is regularly a-changing, so it’s not about the actual dwelling, but more the love contained within. And wow I’ve missed sleeping in my bed with my man and four-legger!!

On another note, I am beyond grateful for these types of opportunities. If it wasn’t for the amazing network behind Summa CG (fka K-Rad Consulting), I’d not be experiencing this “coming home” feeling. And talk about network, last night K-Rad Consulting won an award from the San Diego Paralegal Association for Sponsor of the Year! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?

Back to this gratitude practice…the two attorneys I worked with this past month are two of the best examples of professional, intelligent, compassionate, kind and thoughtful individuals I’ve met in my tenure. To work with people who recognize and acknowledge others contribution is rare! Ed and Mike not only represented their client with vigor, composure and clarity, they also won over ever single person in the courtroom with their friendly nature, professional candor and smooth eloquence. I can’t wait to celebrate victory with them once the verdict comes back in our favor!!

Now turning back to my mule in preparation for my upcoming train RIDE HOME! And one little last reminder about how awesome YOU are. Yes, you, reading this!! You are amazing and you matter!


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