El Salvador, here we come!

The Rads at the Truck Stop in San Pedro, Belize

This pic was from our trip to Belize, which was AMAZING! It was a few years ago, just days after we got engaged. It was a magical trip to say the least! One night we caught a sunset and movie at this fab spot located about a mile north of San Pedro called the Truck Stop. This lagoon behind us had some large creatures lurking!! I was dying to see one up close and personal, although not while the owner was wading out in the water to setup the movie screen over the water. Watch for ripples!!

This trip reignited my desire to explore all of Central America and fortunately my hubby is down for adventure. As it turns out, we have a friend working in El Salvador for a few years. With the offer of a home to stay in, and basically our own tour guide, we couldn’t pass up this opportunity. We head out in a week, and I am SO excited!!

Here’s some of the possibilities on our list:

  • hike a volcano
  • surf
  • Ruta de Las Flores
  • La Palma
  • Suchitoto
  • Joya de Ceren
  • Concepcion de Ataco
  • coffee farm tour
  • indigo dying

Have you been to El Salvador?

What do you recommend?

Any must sees or must dos you’d like to share?


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