WA for the summer!

Growing up in the sunshine and warm desert living of Arizona, I don’t think I ever considered Washington state to be a place I may reside.

But I also didn’t think I’d marry an adorable guy I’d met in the 5th grade. Never know what the future may hold, right?!?

On our trek north from Central CA, one of our stops was in Bend, OR. We really loved that area and look forward to getting back there soon to explore more long-term possibilities there.

Olympic Mountains. Port Angeles, WA departure views from ferry.

So, here we are, living in the wet state of Washington. I was convinced by S. Rad that there would be a decent amount of sunshine for the duration of his contract up here. However we’re going on almost 4 weeks here now and I can say the sunshine has not been abundant by any stretch of the word.

Another oddity for me to acclimate to…the light sky! 9:30 PM and 6:00 AM are basically the same amount of light. I can’t even fathom how it must be living even further north!?!

C. Rad loving life in Smith Rock State Park

As we’ve now gotten settled in and S. Rad has his schedule for the next month-ish, we’re planning our first outing. My workload also cooperated by lightening up just in time for this trip. Thinking about the Olympic peninsula for a couple nights, ferry to Victoria, BC and explore there for a couple nights, then head back home.

I know C. Rad is ready for his next outdoor adventure! He also loves road trips, since it’s QT with his pack and usually means something awesome ahead. Just look at how happy he is out in the wild!!!

Any recommendations on camping, climbing and/or hiking spots we must hit on the Olympic peninsula and/or Victoria, BC?


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