Friday Faves, 4.0

It may simply be waves

Or the rhythmic sound against the shore

As I look out upon the ocean

My heart seems to grow more and more

Apparently the children’s literature class I suffered through took has provided me some poetry skills?!? Albeit juvenile and completely undeveloped, there may be poet potential within me.  Oh, and that children’s lit class — thank GOODNESS it is finally over — that was one of the most tedious, comprehensive general education class I’ve ever experienced! Critical thinking and writing are skills I happily continue to sharpen, so I definitely enjoyed the enrichment and challenges this class offered for my development.  However, application of critical thinking and writing is nearly impossible when the subject matter is a single-digit paged picturebook.  Yep, PICTUREBOOK! You know, those literary tools made for very young developing minds?  Now read it (look at the images), critically analyze it and prepare 500-700 words reflecting your analysis and critical thinking process.  Doesn’t that sound fun?  

Back to this favorites thing –> as mentioned on the SummaCG blog before, I am a firm believer in the power of exercising the brain throughout life.  A very eye-opening book on the absolute wonders of this organ within each of us is Super Brain. This must read book, co-authored by one of my favorite leaders, Deepak Chopra, M.D., provides an abundance of research confirming the renewal and regenerative capabilities of the brain.  While I did lose interest about half-way through the book, the beginning scientific sections were fascinating to me.  So, as you see,  learning seems to always linger at the top of my priority list in some form or another. Do you see this trend for you, too? Do you think learning can be utilized as a form of self care?  

Last week/weekend I spent a few days in one of my favorite cities and enjoyed quality time with some amazing women in my life.  I was inspired and the spark was renewed for a few of my favorite activities and passion pursuits.  Those all being centered around food — again, big surprise! Haha!

Do you know that one of my “nicknames” from the hubs is Mouse or Mousey? He came up with this due to the fact I’m a completely food driven, small mammal. This fact is forever memorialized (even without behavior patterns on my part 🙂 by a tattoo on the hubs created by the amazing Tobias Crabtree. And talk about some of my favorite art — Tobias was incredibly talented in more ways than most can only imagine within their lifetime –  you can check out more of his beautiful creations here, here and here.

So to wrap up this Friday Favorites edition, I feel it easiest to reiterate my points as:

Learning: continually

Self care: daily

Expression: flowing


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