Marseille and Parc National des Calanques

With our 4-nights stay in Martigues, we anticipated some adventuring in nearby Marseille and les Calanques. Marseille is a port city in southern France which served as a crossroads of immigration and trade since its founding by the Greeks circa 600 BC. At the heart of the city is the Vieux-Port (Old Port), where fishmongers sell their catch along a boat-crammed quay. We’d not spent much time researching the area for things to do/see while there other than a visit to les Calanques. Here’s a great article about Marseille that I really enjoyed and you may find helpful if planning a visit to the area.

S. Rad was able to coordinate with a french climbing partner to meet in Marseille and head to les Calanques, so Kate and I accompanied him into the city and frolicked in Marseille for the day while he hiked around and dangled from ropes. Check out this post about how S. Rad was able to climb in France with a french climber, who just so happens to be a nurse too!

Have you been to Marseille? What were your favorite experiences in the area?

Would you go back? Why or why not?


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