Rock Climbing on Holiday

Rock climbing adventures in Parc national des Calanques, France


Have you watched any of the Unbelievable series on Netflix?

Planning for France-Spain

We fly into Nice and have successfully booked lodging — airbnb for the win AGAIN! — in Antibes for our first two nights. We then head to Martigues for 4 nights so we can fully explore the region. We have yet to solidify any sort of itinerary for this region yet, so feel free to…

Labor Day Reflections

August was a month of family time and jaunts with friends. I was lucky enough to visit the cutest little town of Kingston TWICE in one month. Which also means I had two experiences at the Mossback Cafe. That’s a whole nother post though, so I’ll get back to that later. I don’t know if…

Tickets Booked!

Oh man — I struggle to find the right words to express the excitement I feel when international flights are booked. Do you get that same ball of excitement and joy in your tummy, too?? We’re now confirmed for an adventure in the south of France, coastal Spain, Barcelona, and Madrid late this fall. A…

Recent Radventures

Wow, the Pacific Northwest does not disappoint! Views, nature, blooming flowers, water, TREES…it’s quite spectacular. And we’ve been able to get some awesome exploring in. Here’s the highlight reel of one of our recent trips: Sequim, WA (pronounced squim): awesome dry(er) region on the peninsula that is the largest producer of lavender in the U.S….

WA for the summer!

Growing up in the sunshine and warm desert living of Arizona, I don’t think I ever considered Washington state to be a place I may reside. But I also didn’t think I’d marry an adorable guy I’d met in the 5th grade. Never know what the future may hold, right?!? On our trek north from…